Festival of Vintage

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What to see & do at the Festival of Vintage

This was the great lineup at our last 

Festival of Vintage

Live Music & Vintage DJ's

We have a great lineup of Live Music and Dj's playing music from the 1930's-60's

The stages are indoors which means space to dance and no problems with the weather!

The Rockin Stage Line Up 2018

The Jets-Saturday 

The Rockin Stage

THE JETS secured a major recording contract with media giants EMI, achieving phenomenal success. Scoring hit records around the world,” Love Makes the world go round”,” Yes tonite Josephine” “Rockin around the xmas tree” appearing on hundreds of TV shows and featuring in national BBC and ITV Dramas.

The ultra talented Cotton Brothers, have thrilled audiences professionally since 1980.

Having performed alongside Sir Cliff Richard, Shakin Stevens, Meatloaf, the Police, Boy George, Madness and even Led Zeppelin!

With over an amazing 2000 live shows to their credit, THE JETS never fail to deliver a sensational show.

The Outsiders- Saturday

The Rockin Stage

The Outsiders" formed 2014, 4 piece Rockin' band, playing a good mixture of Jivers, Strollers & Boppers,

Charismatic hip shakin front man Joe, James on guitar, Stan on drums and Steve on the big bass.We have all come from various bands and bring experience and a real love for the rockin music of the 50's, and keeping it alive

Moonshiners- Saturday 

The Rockin Stage

Moonshiners were formed in January 2017. The Duo was formed so we could both follow our dream of becoming full time musicians.

Giving up our day jobs of over 18 yrs and hitting the streets in the day and pubs/Clubs by Night to become full time Street entertainers has proved to be a great success, making us very popular in the Towns and Cities up and down the country.

With years of experience behind us both playing in various bands we have managed to form a great vocal Harmony Duo, this making us one of the newest and different type of entertainers on the current rock n roll circuit today 

Rusti Steel & The Star Tones-Saturday

The Rockin Stage

Rusti Steel & the Star Tones are a 4-piece (featuring non-pedal steel and twin guitar sparkle), specializing in authentic 50s Rockabilly, Hillbilly/Western Swing, with a touch of R&B and some classic Rock’n’Roll, all packaged up in a wild Rockin’ show. Having Lloyd’s 2nd guitar for twin-guitar solos, as well as zingin’ hot steel in our line-up, has helped us to play a lot more songs authentically. For example, we can play Western Swing numbers like “Ballroom Baby” and “Catty Town” with the steel guitar or twin-electric guitar sounds that those songs need to do them justice.

The Revolutionaires- Sunday

The Rockin Stage

Established within the ‘hotbed’ of the North East music scene in the UK, they power out jumpin’ hot rhythm & blues in their own indomitable hard hitting style.

Primarily, they are influenced by 1940’s and 1950’s R&B. In particular, Louis Jordan, Big Joe Turner, Little Richard, Chuck Berry and Roy Brown but have adopted a harder and more aggressive approach, synonymous with modern blues artists such as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Duke Robillard, Jools Holland and Mike Henderson which helps create their own high energy sound.

Over the last decade, The Revolutionaires have established themselves on the UK and European Rockin’ circuit, as well as the Blues scene.

They have toured extensively both in the UK and abroad, performing at festivals in Ireland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Malta and Dubai.

Highlights include performing at festivals with artistes such as Jerry Lee Lewis, Sting, Tom Jones, Hugh Laurie, Jimmie Vaughan, Robert Cray, Walter Trout, Eric Bibb, Albert Lee, Snake Davis and Dave Edmunds.

Now also touring with their Big Band project which consists of extra horns and pianist, The Revs are hitting the Festival circuit with this power house line up and big sound.

Ruby and The Prowlers- Sunday

Reformed from the once born 'Darktown Prowlers', Ruby and The Prowlers are four folks, with four different personal influences, four different styles.. Together, one rockin' band with one authentic, hillbilly boppin', rockabilly stompin' sound

Rockin Deke Rivers- Sunday

Rockin’ Deke Rivers and the Jitters have been playing Red Hot Rockabilly and Wild Rock ‘n’ Roll around the North of England for over five years and have drawn from many years of experience in other bands. With a twanging guitar, slappin' of the bass and a pounding on the drums these guys have delighting audiences with their Raw 1950s Rockabilly sound.

Anthony Purdy-Sunday

Playing guitar from the age of 15, music has always been my passion, but it is the love and admiration of the music from the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s that inspired me to write and perform into what became Anth Purdy’s solo show

These eras produced some of the greatest music ever written by some of the best musicians and Anth Purdy’s solo act captures the sounds and styles to bring this wonderful music back to life.

All original material, with styles ranging from Swing, Western Swing, Gypsy Jazz , Rock and Roll and Rockabilly.

A unique act with its roots in the early guitar greats.

The Victory Stage Line Up 2018

The Washboard Resonators-Both Days

Victory Stage & Outside

The Washboard Resonators play 1920s & 30s vaudeville, ragtime, swing and blues like it was in days gone by. Expect tweed suits, washboards, bowties, shiny guitars, spats, banjos, ukuleles, suitcase bass drums, tap-dancing, foot stomping music and tear jerking harmonies.

Paul'Peaky'Shelby- Saturday

Victory Stage

Paul 'Peaky' Shelby favours the Big Band songs of Sinatra, Dean Martin and Nat King Cole, amongst others. An ex bass section singer of Saddleworth male voice choir and classic car enthusiast, enjoys promoting and encouraging newcomers to a go in the wonderful vintage scene

Ashby Tea Dance Band- Saturday

Victory Stage

Let the Tea Dance Band take you back to an era where social dancing was the order of the day. Quicksteps, Foxtrots and Waltzes, along with swing favourites from the 1930s and 1940s".

Champagne Charlie-Saturday 

Victory Stage

Let Champagne Charlie take you by the hand and lead you into our decadent underground world of 1920s cabaret. Charlie creates a delightful mixture of an American Speakeasy, British Music Hall, Weimar Berlin and the Parisian Follies. With cheeky songs and comedic patter, he is a combination of waspish bedevilment and warmth that makes everyone feel included and loved. His array of amazing costumes will also dazzle your eyes. Along with his pianist Michael Roulston, they will lead you in a rousing sing a long. Then, they will take you on a ripping journey through the crazy jazz age! With Charlie presiding over proceedings you will find an exotic exposition to tickle every proclivity! Charlie gets things going with a swing and guarantees you will be screaming for more Champagne long after the party is over! 

Katie Mustang-Sunday 

Victory Stage

A stalwart of the 40's, WW2 weekend circuit for 9 years. Headlining all the major war weekends around the country, backed up with 23 year career in cabaret and cruise ship entertainment 

Brandyn Shaw-Sunday

Victory Stage 

Brandyn Shaw is widely acclaimed as one of the country’s most authentic vintage entertainers. He has notably appeared on the BBC’s Len Goodman’s Dance Band Days, numerous BBC radio programmes, London's West End and the Savoy Hotel, paying tribute to one of the greatest crooners of the period - Al Bowlly.

Brandyn takes you on a trip down memory lane with his authentic recreation of an early 1940’s radio broadcast, and the birth of popular music. Listen to the dance band hits of the day - with Brandyn’s vocal tributes to Al Bowlly, Val Rosing, J. Pat O'Malley and Sam Browne.

DJ's & Other Entertainment

Kal Kats Saturday-The Vintage Dance Hall & Outside

Kals Kats - one of the most popular vintage swing bands in the UK - playing the greats of the swing era and guaranteed to get you on your feet and will even teach you the dance moves

Laurence Marshall-Both Days on the Victory Stage & Outside

A traditional style one man band originating from Scarborough. Laurence plays tunes ranging from early jazz through to rock n roll all with a one man band style with banjo, honky horns and plenty of silly whistles

Vintage Rewind-Both Days on the Victory Stage

Vintage Rewind are a vintage entertainment team based in South Lancashire, DJing and singing all the great dance tracks from the 20's through to the 70's

They organise and host evening events and teadances playing musical vintage classics from the golden era of Big Band Swing, Lindy, Shag, Jive, Rock n Roll and all your favourite strolls

A-Train Swing-The Vintage Dance Hall

Playing Music 30s -50s Upbeat R&B, Swing, Western swing & Rock n Roll

CD Jive-DJ's Both Days on the Rockin Stage

Playing Music 30s -50s Upbeat R&B, Swing, Western swing & Rock n Roll

York Vintage Dance Group-DJ Both Days in the Vintage Arcade

Playing wide range of music from the 1930's, 40's & 50's in the Ground Floor of the Vintage Arcade and outside on the Vintage Vehicle concourse as well as dancing

The Andersons

Playing wide range of music from the 1930's, 40's & 50's on the New Second Floor Mezzanine area.

Baby Barrelhouse DJ

Babys Barrelhouse is a York based pop up retro club night / DJ show, featuring the best swinging rock n roll cuts and vintage anthems from the 30s through to the 70s.

Primarily a rockin - rock roll, rockabilly 50’s dance party - theres sure to be something in the sets to get those skirts a twirlin’ and those boots scootin’ across the dance floor!

Vintage Displays & Activities


Dance Lessons &

The Vintage Dance Hall (New for 2018)


Dance Lessons & 

The Vintage Dance Hall (New for 2018)

Enjoy learning to Dance or brush up on your moves in our dedicated dance areas. We will be offering Free Lessons in Lindy Hop and more, so you can look the part and dance it too! See our full programme  The link below. Plus some time for social dancing to our resident DJ's playing music throughout the day.

Dance Lessons

We have Dance Lesson & Demonstration in various locations across the Festival but we are delighted to announce a new space dedicated to Dance Lessons & Workshops. The Vintage Dance Hall (NEW FOR 2018) will offer a programme of free lessons in addition to lesson in the Rockin Stage area. 

Red & Ginger (Saturday Only)

Red and Ginger both love dancing and sharing it with other people, either through what they know or just a dance floor. They believe the real essence of vintage dance is about having fun.

One of the most popular dancing duos on the scene, they're known for their joyous, stylish and often fast Lindy hop dances and for their friendly, relaxed and humorous approach to teaching. Learn Jitterbug Stroll & Partnered Charleston with them on the Saturday of the Festival

Book Here 

Vintage Dance Hall

1:30pm Jitterbug Stroll Saturday

3pm Partnered Charleston


A-Train Swing

A-Train Swing consists of husband and wife team, Ian (aka Windy) and Janet who have been on the vintage scene for the past 17 years embracing and promoting the Golden Age of Swing. DJ Windy is not only a Swing DJ, in addition they organise their own dance events and also get hired to add sophistication and style to private and corporate events and parties.

Ian & Janet are pleased to be able to pass on some of their dancing knowledge and will be teaching Balboa at this years Festival of Vintage. No need for any previous experience, the lesson will be aimed at absolute beginners to get you moving on that dance floor before the weekend is over.

Book Here 

Vintage Dance Hall

10:15am Saturday

1pm Sunday

York Dance Group

York Vintage Dance Group run dance classes for beginners and intermediates in a wide range of dances and styles from the 1920's, 30's, 40's & 1950's, at two local venues in York and also at the Milton Rooms in Malton. They also hold Dance Workshops, and regularly run Vintage & 1940's themed Dance Nights, Social Dances in York and Malton. For further information visit

They will be teaching Rock & Roll Waltz & Cha Cha Cha Stroll


Book Here 

Vintage Dance Hall

4:30pm  Rock & Roll Waltz Saturday

4pm Cha Cha Cha Stroll 


Shag up North​

Collegiate Shag is a fun & energetic partner dance from the 1920s danced primarily to up-tempo swing and pre-swing jazz music. We run classes on Wednesdays at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Hall, 130 Cardigan Road, Leeds LS6 1LU. Everyone welcome.

They will be teaching 1 session both days

For further information visit us on Facebook or at www.shagupnorth.wordpress.com

Book Here 

Vintage Dance Hall

11:30pm Saturday

3:15pm Sunday

Wakey Lindy Hoppers

Wakey Lindy Hoppers is a fun, friendly and informal swing dance class based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. We meet every Wednesday for laughing and dancing and goodtimes!"

Book Here

Vintage Dance Hall

12:15 Saturday

1:45pm Sunday

Dronfield Vintage Dance

Dronfield Vintage Dance is a small up coming dance social in the south Yorkshire area. They will be doing demos followed by a workshop on both days. Saturday, The Maddison & Sunday The Rock & Roll Waltz

Book Here 

Vintage Dance Hall

2:15pm Dance Demo, followed by Workshop-The Maddison Saturday

2:30pm Dance Demon, Follwed by workshop-The Rock & Roll Waltz

Raynor Rock & Roll

Rayner Rock 'n' Roll York was established 2002 Eileen is an experienced dance teacher who has been teaching Rock 'n' Roll for over 16 years. Elieen Rayner and her team of Dancers will be at FOV on boths Days . Offer a chance to take part and enjoy learning Rock 'n' Roll Jive, 50's stroll, Charleston Stroll and more at the Rockin Stage in the Nostalgia Hall

No Need to Book

Find them at the Rockin Stage

12 noon & 2pm Saturday

2:30pm & 3:45pm Sunday

Launching the FOV UK Vintage Dance Competition

We are in search of the first winners of the Festival of Vintage UK Vintage Dance Competition!

Its a partnered dance competition on Sunday 22nd April in the Vintage Dance Hall

Heat 1 Lindy Hop 10:20-10:40 am winners 1st & 2nd will get rosettes and go through to the final

Heat 2 Swing Jive 10:50-11:10 am 1st & 2nd will get rosettes and go through to the final

Heat 3 Balboa 11:15-11-35 am 1st & 2nd will get rosettes and go through to the final

Heat 4 Rock & Roll Jive 11:40-12:00 am 1st & 2nd will get rosettes and go through to the final 

Overall winner to be crowed FOV UK Dance Winners 2018  and will receive a Trophy & £200

You will need to have Sunday Ticket for the Festival of Vintage to enter

Vintage Dance Competiton


Vintage Vehicle Displays

We love Vintage Wheels and will be having a great display of Cars, Bikes, Caravans, Scooters and more.

If you want to enter yours into our display, Click here

Lessons, Workshops & Competition


Get The Look!

We like you to look the part at the Festival of Vintage, so we can offer the option to book one of our styling experts to get you looking top notch for the weekend

For the Ladies

The Vintage Beauty Parlour, situated in the Nostalgia Hall on the First Floor

For the Gentlemen

We have Jacks Barbers, situated in the Chaps Lounge in Nostalgia Hall on the Ground Floor

The Vintage Beauty Parlour

The Vintage Beauty Parlour, is a Pop-up Old Hollywood inspired beauty salon brought to the Festival of Vintage from Bethany Davies & Her selected team of hair and make up artists, who are specialists in authentic vintage styles and in creating ultimate modern glamour. To book your appointment at the Festival email [email protected] 

Jack Barbers

A unique vintage inspired barbers shop, located in Hebden Bridge, Jack will be bringing his Popup salon to the Festival again. Offering vintage and contemporary hair styling, always a warm welcome and service with a smile.

No need to book, Jack will be working hard both days to keep the gents looking dapper.

Haircuts £10, Wet Shave £15, Blow Dry £5 Beard Trim £5

Shopping, Fashion Shows, Talks and Well Dressed Visitors


Visitors are welcome to dress in Vintage Attire!​

Every year, more and more of our visitors join in with the spirit of the Festival by wearing Vintage Attire. In fact many regulars festival goers spend days before planning their outfits to perfection for the weekend. This really is the event where you can dust off your best bib & tucker and make a statement about your favourite era. There is also the ever popular Best Dressed Competition to Enter each day too if you fancy a daunt down our runway!

Enter The BEST DRESSED Competition Here

Best Dressed Entry

Offering the Best Vintage Shopping 

in the UK

Over the years we have gained a reputation as one of the UK leading events to shop for Vintage Fashion from the 1920's-1960's. We also have a fantastic selection of Jewellery, Accessories and Home Items with 200 + exhibitors coming from across the UK for the weekend

For Original Visit The Vintage Arcade Ground Floor, Mezzanine and 1st Floor for original Vintage Fashion

Fashion Parades & Talks

Enjoy a trip through the story of Fashion from the Glamour of the 1930's to the swinging sixties. There is a full programme of Fashion Shows and Talks in our Fashion Showcase Area

from Vintage Industry Experts & Retailers

Make Do & Mend 

Craft Workshops


Make Do & Mend Workshops

The make do and mend area will be full of Vintage inspiration!

You will have a chance to try, watch and buy Vintage Crafts and meet vintage crafters.

Enroll yourself into one of our workshops in the Make Do & Mend Area and feel like 

you have learn't a new skill! 

Blacksmith Shop Crafts Workshops

Anna from Blacksmith Shop Crafts will be holding various Make Do & Mend Workshop during the Festival. All workshops are Free of Charge but will need to be booked.

Workshop to be announced and open for booking soon.


Vintage Stitches Knitting Workshop with 

Sandy Brophy

Join the knitting workshop daily, taking bookings soon


Book The Make Do & Mend Workshops

Times & Session Info

Book Here 

Lessons, Workshops & Competition


Discover Vintage Ltd (the promoter) reserve the right to make alterations to the published Event or programme. Artists and billed attractions are subject to change. Our liability for the cancellation, rescheduling or material change to an Event is limited to the refund set out in the Terms & condition